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Its a whole new world....

Photo of sisters in flower field in Oregon, OH

Some days you do something new, and some days you do something old all over again. Today I am doing both. Once upon a time, in tiny Oregon, OH, I was a homeschool blogger. Blogging is what led me to take up photography with a passion. I wanted better images for my posts, and I wanted to know how to take photos of my kids that filled my heart with joy. Now, I want to start a new blogging journey; one that allows me to share images that make my heart happy and the story behind them. So welcome to my new and old journey! In this space I will share stories of families I photograph, tips and tricks for beautiful images of your own, and moments of my life here in Oregon, OH. I hope you join me here from time to time. Leave a message and say hi! Or let me know how we can work together to make beautiful photos together!

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