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Why you SHOULD go to the beach

Girl on beach in Oregon, OH

Summer is not over! Do you hear me y'all? I know back to school is happening and we are all thinking about how many activities we need to fit into one week, but summer is still here. So how do we embrace this warm carefree season before life starts back in full swing? How do we make time to live the moments we are in right now? Simple.....visit the beach! In my case, the shores of Lake Erie. I don't mean the all day visit that require packing every single thing in your garage, most of the backyard, and tracking across the sand like a camel in the dessert. I am talking about the half an hour visit after dinner with your favorite flips flops sitting on an old quilt out dug up out of the back of your mini van. There is something magical about sitting in evening sunlight. The sun slowly setting in its golden glory seems to exude a simplicity that allows us to focus more easily on the true treasures of life. It takes the daily mundane view and turns it into a rosy dreamland full of love, laughter, and peace. And who couldn't use a bit more of that after spending the day organizing, shopping, and preparing for "real life"? I think as a mom, I strive endlessly to be perfectly present with my family. Most days, I fall sadly short. I am on my computer, I am doing laundry, I am dragging my kids from store to store to finish my to do list; yet I do all that without ever connecting. Then, we take an hour to just be. We sit and watch the shimmering sun slip into the blue-brown waves that lap the shore. We build tiny castle cities in the sand that are meant to be stomped down by happy, dirty feet. We tell silly jokes, and share deep thoughts from the depths of growing ideas. Mostly though, we sit and love the family that we are. It is this simple moment with each other that makes the hardships and stress of living melt away. It build bridges of connection and love in each of us. It allows us to live the glorious season we are in together. So grab your flips flops.....and maybe your camera.....and spend time living in the warm carefree season of summer. I promise it is worth every second.

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